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'Ain't' Truth
Do you want to hear the Truth?
Do you want to know the Truth?
What if the Truth dashed your dreams and your desires?  What if the Truth was impolite?  What if the Truth was fierce and unrelenting?  What if the Truth has nothing whatsoever to do with you?  Doesn't consider you?  Doesn't think you're a victum.  Doesn't think you're ordained by God.  Doesn't think you are a unique flower or butterfly or whatever?!
What if the Truth was straightforward?  Would you want to hear that you're seperated from it?  It's kinda rough, ain't it?
To know that you can never differentiate yourself from the Truth that does not flater nor faulter!
That the World!
Will never!
Acknowledge your hidden pains and struggles.
Not unless you entertain them.
and guess what.
Even then it ain't about you!
Wait a minute.  What did he say?
That it ain't about you!
That you can exhaust your energies, your passions, your
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 1
Bravery went Asunder
This smirking dark world did beat me tender
Until to love's embrace I did surrender.
Asunder went this grey street haze
Replaced by your hand's gentle loving phrase.
Stood I strong here once before
Imploring thoughts of colors torn.
Replacing resolve with forlorn sounds
Of loving that in which death abounds.
In dreams we float on cobblestone streets
Staring into towering walls of buildings elite.
Remember the time when once I fled
From myself, Now it's you instead.
So again I face myself in this place
And again I taste worldly fear's bitter trace.
Embrace my steps with you by my side
I'll remember your kiss if these worlds should collide.
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 1
What Makes a Man
Beautiful are the curves of
Sweet and Tender that smile
their way into my heart.
That laugh their way
Into my dreams. That
Tempt their way into my thoughts.
And that is what makes me a Man,
With more hair on my chest
And love in my soul than
Those whom boast them the King.
Down goes the moon, once stuck
In the sky, now a firey blaze.
Up comes the tide that washes
Around, as do the hearts of young lovers.
And here is what makes me a man.
Not stuck in my skin nor
Throwing on muscle but learning
To hold that neck strong.
To take all in stride, not bottled inside
Are the things of which I can change.
Plush are the lips you hold
To my ear to speak to
Me of your secrets.
Now damp from my kiss
And warm from our trusts
Whose side of the bed
Will we share?
Because God has made him a man
So dear, but soon to his sin
Has he fled.  I work every day so
By it's end we may play and
Soar on the clouds God intends.
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 2
Why wait?
Take flight and soar
Far above the clouds
There is one
Who waits to lead you on.
Let out a deep laugh
From the bottom of your belly
There is a spring
That waits to refreshen you.
Sing your loudest song
In beautfiul harmonic tone
There is a voice
That waits to silence you.
Why wait?
To fly or sing or laugh
There is a Happiness
Which is here to meet with you!
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 1
Thoughtful downfall
I think you just need to relax
Let go that slipping, failing grasp
That clings onto the world you've built
Or with it soon you both will wilt
I think it's better left unsaid
My words were alive but on you they're dead
And death to me just isn't true
I am life, with or with out you
I think a little much sometimes
Some thoughts are music some thoughts are rhymes
Some thoughts are deeper than ever I could be
Which is how I know these thoughts just ain't me
I think about you all the time
So deep my love, so deep your crime
Of wanting just what you have not
But still of you I have not forgot
I think I finally desire peace
That surpasses all understanding ease.
And I think too much 'bout nothing at all
But these thoughts aren't real, they are your downfall
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 3
I profess
Shaken in this faith
Taken lowly in heart.
Befuddled by weakness
That it should harm me no more.
To you I profess, 'Mi Amour'.
Gather up ye ranks
And legions known as courage.
Take heed and make your stand
That on those wings we will soar.
To you I profess, "Mi Amour".
"Mi Amour!" "Mi Amour!"
I've come in shouting
I've come kicking in the door
To you I profess, "Mi Amour."
Abducted all my being,
When eyes first seen like yours.
The softness of your voice
Sounds as the waves that meet the shore
To you I profess, "Mi Amour"
"Mi Amour!" "Mi Amour!"
I've come in shouting
I've come kicking in the door
To you I profess, "Mi Amour."
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 1 3
Fallen Brethren
Against all Natural law,
The sin that scratches.
The Angles talk in song
And bleed of Midnight prayer.
One third their brethren fallen
Stare 'cross this Great Divide.
Once tone that sang together,
Now appease their demonic side.
All creation here takes part,
Free Will this one still constant.
When happenstance meets circumstance
All are left dumbfounded.
Fate just one device
To desensetize a people
Stuck in sins who can't see God
But wish to believe them effortlessly free.
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 1 0
Strong and Wild
(The Way; A Silver Trumpet's sound
The path; A flowing River's pebbles
Honor - Misunderstood as Pride
Cleverness - Human's most enjoyable trick.)
And as the demons came,
I gave them each a name
So that I may not be lost,
Nor be punished by their cost.
Irrigate this garden,
Wherefore certain
dirt clumps harden.
I've come to work this soil
And reap that reward sown through toil.
This much none can ever touch
The unseen world at which they clutch.
Dare to bring me their own pain
And dare to use it for their own gain.
But yet, it's true, this world does hurt
I gnash my teeth, I tare my shirt.
I struggle to rise and stand again
And look to find I my only friend.
Hear the trumpet sound once more
To give rise that eternal door.
Do you find in it fragrence sweet?
Or rush to use them vagrant feet?
It takes strength to climb from here
To let those go you wish were near.
In the end all things are right
While guided by that encompassing light.
This peace surpass all understanding.
This love that f
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 0
A Free Mind
The external is happening at its pace.
The inner brings about variance.
The perception that creates illusion starts.
Life flows at its comfort, Free Will is neither good nor bad.
Not seeing its impartiality, it is deemed good or bad.
Not seeing the whole, this is sin.
Seeing only the many me of self,
This is the root of separation from truth.
The whole is uncompromising, having firmly its way.
Its unison is The Great Secret.
With all parts running their part
The whole is intact.
All parts perverting their part
The whole is compromised.
Parts will play their part as desired.
The water will flow, no matter its contaminates.
Therefore, sin has always been.
And is nothing like the pure.
Sin must exist so that Free Will
Can bring about free minds.
This is the Truth of Sorrow.
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 7
To Return To
Society has its ways.
Devouring all for a senseless
                       Yearning for completion.
An attempt to connect outer with the inner to bring harmony.
I want to believe in everything;
Had for better or made for worse.
Given up, I know that we surrender,
Lamenting the life meant for rebirth.
Separate the stillness from the turmoil.
The restless excitement
                        That bears no fruit.
Given temporary wings,
They melt by the sun,
And fall through the air,
Wrapped in the illusion
That is perception.
This ‘harmony’ is selfish
                           In it's Nature.
So send shockwaves throu
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 0
Sugar Dance
Like ants we dance
To the struggle for sugar
My back is soar
Like I always remember
My skin is dry
Like the desert valley.
We have come so far
Stumbling into the next
Fearing the "is"
Collectively we are tired
Of the same figure eight rat race
For the big cheese checker flag.
Nine to five, Twenty-four Seven,
Three sixty-five with a ten minute break.
Is time only priceless if money's on your mind?
Well, words are my only recourse
And you do not speak my language.
But my eyes see your eyes.
And our pain is the same.
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 4
The Weeping Willow
The Weeping Willow
The secret love of my life
Has finally left me today.
It all came crashing to a head.
No matter how I feel, there is
Nothing I can say.
Love, when trampled under
The cruel foot of secrecy
Refuses, rather is denied
The sunlight that creates
Those in your life
Of whom you wish would just stay
All must in the end leave
While the undesirables stay.
So what is life's time
But temporary?
Like the time of my life
Soon plundered by worry.
The sweet smell on my lips
As it all fades to gray
The taste on my fingertips
That first caused me to stray.
The fire of soul
As yours dances in arms
Wrapped around hips
And covered in charms.
The rose pedal to blossom
And open anew
Will, in time, Wilt
But these moments are true
Is 'everlasting' all but a ploy?
Aimed at young hearts
Where man is just boy.
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 1 6
Silence of your Way
Silence of Your Way
Silent the voice of the eternal.
Light is soundless presence.
Evaporate the darkness. Cuts through it
Like moonbeams enticing the waters
But holding the tide.
What can be this time?
Accept of my prayer;
Take of my hand;
Creator of my life.
Bring to me those passions
You once excited on an idle afternoon
When all there was to see was you.
Hold my weary pack
With your blessing
So that I never thirst.
It is now You who shine through me,
Opening my sleeping eyes
With the loftiness of your way.
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 4
The Jester's Son
Even in his castle the king is never safe.
Always is he looking to be overthrown,
Because no man is greater than another
But greed gives the wicked man strength.
Many men refuse blessings.
Men think them weak and
Pride clouds judgement
Like the bay fog covers the earth
From the sight of the heavens.
And so one man tries another's food for poison.
One man refuses another man's change.
One man wears ties, the other man wears a weary smile.
One man dances, the other scoffs.
The jester laughs at it all.
The king trusts not even his son.
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 4
Now in the Shade
When eyes doth open
Being forced to shut
Meet discreetly
With words that cut.
When light meets that eyelid
That sees not its tale
But rampages onward
In hopes to prevail.
When met yet again
With the blistering sun
Would shut ins retreat?
No, they'd wish never to run
My sun.  My sun.
Set softly over sea
Brightening another world
Have you yet forsaken me?
My sun, my sun.
Warm my flower, my earth.
And when retired at night
Remind me with bright stars of your worth
But now in the shade
Only memory rekindles
Of warmth first felt
Pouring in through soft windows.
When sleepers awaken
By the touch of your rays
Is their desire for night
Or for long, happy days?
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 0 4
Salt of my Untamed Winds
Be ugly.  Be disgusting.
Put on your worse face
And dance to the burning music
Of demons and ghouls.
And among those flamed smoke stacks
That seek out the beautiful and burn their eyes
With the hazy discomfort of past warmth and
Future fog and present torment and eternal unrest;
Among those unwelcome visitors
That make shut eyes a preference-
I will show you love.
Be unknowing. Be uncertain.
Float in the center of the ambiguous.
Select the middle ground until you meet
A dead end.
Be not hot nor cold but lukewarm.
Rest in the firmament of the sky and
Break apart like wind meeting obstacles.
And from the golden rays stuck
Behind stormy cloudy days
Waiting to warm even the dust of the earth
That houses every selfish vermin
So that they too can know warmth-
I will show you love.
Be timid.  Be fragile.
But gentle as my touch
Over newborn cheeks or
Cautious like a parent
In those first few cradle weeks;
Unbreakable is the boldness
Of your spirit's inner child-
:iconkarennacker:KARennacker 1 3


Meet me halfway by ElevenOrchids Meet me halfway :iconelevenorchids:ElevenOrchids 4 7
Let's find time to play together
In a children's land of toys
Let's play honest injun
As if we're little boys
Let's walk into the desert
To view the clear night sky
Let's splurge and rent a glider
And learn how eagles fly
Let's find an immaculate artist
Who ties our souls in knots
Let's create our own style music
And dance in parking lots
Let's take a pair of horses
That'll find the long way home
Through the upland forests
And across cold brooks we'd roam
We can let puppies lick our faces
As we squeal in delight
We can turn our backs against the wind
To fly a silken kite
Let's not forget the romance
Of Paris in the spring
Or that welling of the spirit
A quiet gondola might bring
Let's stroll on desolate beaches
On some South Pacific isle
We can learn from their people
How to linger for a while
Let me pick for you an orchid
And place it behind your ear
Then speak to you so softly
You must stay oh so near
I hope you don't find me forward
Moving in blind haste
Discovery should come quite
:iconjimithy:jimithy 1 9
Water in the sea by 11orchids Water in the sea :icon11orchids:11orchids 2 2 Only the lonely by 11orchids Only the lonely :icon11orchids:11orchids 12 4
we all have secrets we keep inside
unknown to all, inside to hide
twisting your soul changing yourself
the darkest part of you you want to help
it calls for you,tries to suck you in
entranced with a song an unheard hymn
you fight and scream, try to chase it away
but it wants it's due; for you to pay
sit down, deep breath as the panick begins
pulling up memories, bringing back sins
forgiving yourself is the first step to take
the addiction to feeling that all is lost
comes with a deadly and pricely cost
the pain it pulls and yanks at me
i need it i yearn it, yet i try and flee
the anguish and torture a lullaby
the happiness seems but a lie
the nightmares a comfort in the darkened hour
the fierceness seems to give me power
my heart it beats in ryythmn with my soul
the the act of seduction making me whole
:iconkairilovesyou:Kairilovesyou 3 28
Coffee Rings Like Dog Ears
I have fallen in love with your anatomy books with photos of you for sketching across my bedroom walls, for remembering and being reminded of the creases in your neck when you turn right (or left) and the way your legs look with every movement.  I spend nights leafing through your pages the same way I leaf through your fingers when you pass out in my bed for comfort, to know you have a bed besides your own.  
You have stained my sheets with your coffee rings which you use to mark your pages instead of dog ears.  You say there is no such thing as Decaf because it's all in our heads and depression is an inherent human trait which is okay, you say, because it's one thing those aware enough to be depressed have in common.  "It makes us feel less lonely" and you drink your coffee black while I decide that we are lonely anyway, but I appreciate your sentiment.
I have spent days thinking about you and our loneliness and your coffee rings and my wooden t
:iconmgbarrera:MGBarrera 14 10
Tell Me Why
Tell me, wind, why do you cry?
I'm the echo of the broken, I ask only why.
Tell me, poppy, why are you red?
I am the blood and the bed of the dead.
Tell me, rat, why are you so fat?
War is food, let's leave it at that.
Tell me rose, why are you in pain?
Hope has wilted but thorns remain.
Tell me rain, why do you weep?
To drown all the sins and all those asleep.
Tell me, table, why are you broken?
I am the beholder of words never spoken.
Tell me, pen, why didn't you lie?
I wept all those words and now I am dry.
Tell me, helmet, where is you soul?
It has left me a shell, a chasm, a hole.
Tell me, worm, where is your pride?
It does not exist where so many have died.
Tell me, blood, why do you hate?
I mixed with the mud, a lesson too late.
Tell me gun, where is your spirit?
My sanity left me and my bullet went with it.
Tell me, bird, why do you crow?
Your carnage is poison, I'm letting you know.
Tell me, boot, where is you're master?
I'm trying to find him, I can't work any faster.
Tell me
:iconpatienceofpaper:patienceofpaper 6 16
Silent Dissuasion II by 11orchids Silent Dissuasion II :icon11orchids:11orchids 2 7
Tat Tvam Asi
When we sing the same song-
the notes intertwine,
and voices meld-
the words mean more than their definitions,
and thou art that.
I set flowers on my desk-
the vase is cold, but the petals soft,
and the smell enchants-
the colours spread across their corner,
and thou art that.
I move through another day-
The small smile I wear at odd moments,
and the taste of salt in a landlocked breeze-
the crunch of tires on a dirt road,
and thou art that.
These things that touch me,
are who I am-
and I see them shine back at me
through your eyes.
And I am that-
and thou art that-
and we are all.
:iconnevergetfooledagain:nevergetfooledagain 8 13
Tango With Me
The count begins, musicians join as one—
in invitation he extends his hand.
Now once again this well-loved dance begun,
in measured steps and dips, their hunger fanned.
Her eyes hold his—a rose in clenched teeth held
starts wilting under lovers' breath combined—
no passion's spark have these two hearts withheld
as through the music's pulse their steps unwind.
The beat grows faster, all surroundings fade,
in structured form they now express much more.
Erotic poses, all is there portrayed,
as lust unbridled moves across the floor—
at last above his conquered prize he bends,
as crashing climax brings this dance its end.
:iconnevergetfooledagain:nevergetfooledagain 2 17
Lately happiness' purest form is made in China, packaged up, and ripped open before we even get to the car. It's your bra size, waist size, ring size that matters. We all know that pretty girls who show skin have the upper hand and you’re the worst person in God’s green earth if you let yourself take off that happy face. No one wants a friend who does not entertain. Diamonds are a girl's best friend, save for silicone and a wandering eye that only thinks it knows what it wants; save for hating her best friend and then going to church every Sunday. You must never, ever forget your comma rules. Terrorism is other people walking their dogs on our lawns. Human rights are our personal freedom to supersize it for just $0.70 more.
I don’t want out, but I certainly don't want in.
:iconjordanosity:jordanosity 1 2
A hundred days pt.2 by ElevenOrchids A hundred days pt.2 :iconelevenorchids:ElevenOrchids 10 19
Hating This Goodbye
Can't see for the tears I'm cryin
Ya told me everythin'd be right
And okay but now I see that it's not so.
Let me tell you now that I'm gone
Right then has become today's wrong
Just know
I'm hating this goodbye.
Too long I thought to change the skyline
Fell for everything but that sign
Dying daily on the inside...(gone)
Served up your pleasure with a plastic
Face but it seemed to go unnoticed
So wrong, but
I'm hating this goodbye.
Said go, but I was far long gone and
Stayed past all I should have fought
For myself, never thought I'd have to leave
But you weren't the answer to my question
The chain that death was holdin me with
Was you, still
I'm hating this goodbye.
You...will be in my heart
There we never will part
Please just believe
You...I can't find the words
To reach past the walls
Maybe just three:
Can't stop but the train is leavin now and
I want you to know how I am feelin
Baby, I'm hating this goodbye..bye...bye...bye (fade out)
:iconsynlystemptasion:SynlysTemptasion 1 4



Kerel A. Rennacker
United States
It's a sweltering day here in California's East Bay.   I'll be working all day.  Dealing with vanity in name and especially form.   But not much is as it seems out here.   This place has every comfort of a material world.  I see beautiful women with stunner shades walking into my shop on a daily.  Rich cars.  Expensive business suits and firm handshakes.   But I don't really feel at ease here.  Regardless of the rich possiblity, this place has little to offer outside of routine.  

That isn't to say I am not content and feeling happy.  Here are humans and life and, especially, inspiration. and maybe I am right where I am supposed to be, despite our differences.   Of course every man dreams of traveling abroad and experiencing the most of an action-packed life.  But I am not Indiana Jones.  What am I, you ask?   I think that's a pretty good question.  

Today I'm Sociable.  Let's party!
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  • Reading: The book of Isaiah
  • Watching: U2 videos on You Tube
  • Playing: Diplomacy
  • Eating: My words
  • Drinking: Emergen-C laced water


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